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14 January 1988
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My name is Cassandra, I'm 20, and I live in Delaware. I'm a college freshman. I'm single. I like both girls and boys.

I have many hobbies and interests, which include the performing arts, drawing, sewing, roleplaying, cosplaying, anime and manga, western animation, reading, Japanese language and culture, video games, web design and cooking. I love Asian and Italian cuisine.

I also have in interest in religion and spirituality. I'm more spiritual than religious right now, but my beliefs lean towards those of pagan religions. I do believe in Jesus. I used to practice witchcraft, and I'd like to start back up again. I love tarot cards and I'm learning how to do readings.

My personality can be very complicated at times due to mood swings. I'm a very generous and nice person, sometimes even to people who don't even like me. I don't have very many close friends, though I do have a lot of acquaintances who I'd like to know better.

I'm also considered gothic by some people's standards, even though my wardrobe is diverse. My choices in music are all across the board.

I really love Invader Zim and Irkens. My friends on deviantart.com and livejournal.com draw some friggin sexy Irkens. xD
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